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// Our Story
Part of the Orthomed and INFINITI Medical family, neuromed is a scope of industry leading products, education and technical advice borne out of the vision to advance improvements with neurological care.

Having already been industry leaders in the veterinary industry for more than 20 years, producing novel and ground-breaking technologies and education platforms, bringing neuromed to the forefront of the neurology sector was a natural progression.

With an already established history of working alongside industry inspiring mentors driving product development and shaping industry-leading teaching and training, we’ve come together to move forward and strive to improve pets' lives now and for the future

// Our Core Values

Our core values guide everything we do at neuromed

01 Empowerment

We empower others

Being surrounded and inspired by world-leading mentors stimulates and drives us to not better just ourselves but also others around us

02 Leadership

We inspire to lead

We are innovation pioneers committed to driving the industry forward, not only with product technology but with a vision for the future of the industry

03 Trust

We earn trust

Leading by example and earning the trust of our customers through commitment and transparency also earns us the trust of the industry

// Our Reach
Making a world of difference

Being a global company with a network of offices, distribution, manufacturing facilities and personnel gives us advantages over many other companies. It allows us to offer unparalleled support to our customers wherever their location, whatever their time or whatever their query might be.

Supplying to customers in every continent offering unequalled customer support and care, neuromed has a clear purpose – to make a positive impact in the veterinary neurological world.