An enhanced range of essential neuro instruments

// Overview
Our essential neurological instrument set features the core instruments required for carrying out frequently seen procedures.

These instuments are manufactured with the highest quality of craftmanship. Intentionally just offering a small selection of instruments based on feedback from neurologists, we also have the ability to manufacture bespoke instuments on request.

Quality and control when you need it the most.

Instrument Application

Bone Cutting and Punching

  • Rotating Kerrison modular handle
  • Rotating Kerrison modular shaft 1mm, 2mm and 3mm
  • Rongeurs - Ruskin Double Act, Straight
  • Lempert rongeur - curved
  • Curette Williger 3mm and 4mm

Bone Sculpting

  • Suture forceps, 180cm
  • Curette Williger 3mm and 4mm
  • Curette - Buck ear straight and sharp

Tissue Elevation

  • Freer 4.5mm sharp/blunt


  • Senn retractor double ended
  • Army navy, set of two
  • Aufranc Cobra retractor
  • Drop Gelpi (9° Specific for neurosurgical applications)
  • Small 4 1/2" 
  • Large 6 1/2"

Neurosurgical Probes

  • Gross hook and spoon
  • Nerve root retractor, Dandy nerve
  • Hooked loop, Kirby double-ended

Additional Instruments

  • Suture forceps 180cm
  • Curette - Buck Ear straight and sharp

// Product
neuromed was created to work towards increasing the standard of products, education and patient care within the neurology industry. Designing, manufacturing and engineering precision instruments from everyday-day use to those required for the most precise of surgeries.

// Education
All instrumentation used in the courses are of the highest quality. Skilled surgery such as the techniques taught in these courses require specialised, intricate and superior tools to ensure desired outcomes are achieved