A world-leading locking plate spinal fixation system

// Overview
The SOP serves well as a locking spinal fixation system similar to a locking cervical fusion device.

SOP can be thought of as an internal-external fixator and is applicable in a huge array of spinal fracture repairs with similar traits to a pedicle screw fixation system or locking cervical fusion device.

Features & Benefits
  • Uses standard cortical screws
  • Reduces the need for expensive instruments and large inventory
  • Variety of applications
  • Does not lag onto the bone to accommodate irregularities 
  • Available in stainless steel and titanium
  • Cervical - ventral aspects of vertebrae
  • Thoracic, T-L Lumbar
  • Lumbo-sacral

// Product
SOP™ uniquely offers a spinal stabilization system with reasonable cost. The SOP™ plates are commonly used in pairs with the screws engaging vertebral pedicles or bodies. The SOP™ can be used similarly to a pedicle screw system for the thoracolumbar spine, or as a locking anterior system for cervical stabilisation/fusions.

// Education
SOP™ education is incorporated into many of our neurological and spinal courses to highlight its ease of use and its versatility with stabilisation. SOP™ however can be used for a multitude of applications which can be learned on our online Academy.

// User Cases
Highlighting the cases of these products in real-life situations is vital to demonstrating their success. Below are cases studies of long-term follow up surgeries.