Accurate precision when you need it most

// Overview
neuromed drill stops are used to allow for precise placement of screws and pins in the vertebral bodies, pedicles and skulls.

When there is minimal margin for error, these help to maximise safety in spinal surgery. The stops are available for use with multiple size implants commonly used in vetrinary neurosurgery.

Features & Benefits
  • Available in sizes: 1.5mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm
  • Set screw allows for multiple implant lengths
  • Rapid depth adjustment
  • Can be used with standard drill bits
  • Ventral cervical screw placement for spinal stabilisation
  • Thoracic spinal stabilisation
  • Craniums

// Product
Use of drills and placement of screws can be a challenge in neurosurgery. The careful pre-measurement of a depth can eliminate some of this risk. These sleek, precision engineered drill stops give confidence when accuracy is of crucial importance.

// Education
Ventral stabilisation techniques of the subaxial cervical spine are taught in our advanced courses. The placement of screws in these techniques is extremely intricate – learning the importance and in what way to use drill stops is focal.

// User Cases
Highlighting the cases of these products in real-life situations is vital to demonstrating their success. Below are cases studies of long-term follow up surgeries.


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