Enhanced visibility and accuracy during surgery

// Overview
Our range of loupe magnification glasses offer hands-free magnification & illumination for all types of neurosurgery

Magnification and illumination are some of the most important tools required during neurosurgery.

Apart from providing better vison and light to the work area, there are many other benefits to wearing loupes to surgery, such as proper magnification, better ergonomics, reduced eyestrain and improved vision.

Features & Benefits
  • Lightweight
  • Can be tailor made for custom fit
  • Off-the-shelf option for multi-person use
  • Variety of magnification options and strengths
  • Various lighting attachments
  • Inexpensive

// Product
Providing high quality magnification and illumination at an affordable cost. Not only enhancing patient care through better visual acuity, but promotes proper ergonomics which can extend career longevity. Available to purchase off-the-shelf or get in touch for bespoke measuring.

// Education
Ensuring that the facilities we hold our education courses match the quality of the agendas and the programme, we use centers that have world-class equipment and surgical space. Furthermore we supply fitting service for loupes on the day should you so require.