A medical grade titanium cranioplasty solution

// Overview
neuromesh™ is a cuttable, medical grade titanium cranioplasty solution which can be moulded to match the skull shape of each individual patient, regardless of their size.

neuromesh™ provides for the ability of "on site" engineering, allowing the surgeon more versatility when faced with repairing skull defects or maxillofacial reconstruction. It can be used to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the patient, provide for structural support and protect the brain when surgery requires the removal of excessive amounts of skull. It saves time and opens the door to more advanced cranioplasty procedures. 

Presented as a kit which includes two mesh sheets with a range of 2.0mm low-profile titanium screws and dedicated screwdriver, a dish to contour the mesh, scissors and a fully autoclavable tray.

Features & Benefits
  • Comes in single sheets of 100mm x 100mm
  • Sheet is thickness of 0.6mm
  • Easily cuttable
  • Easy to contour using dish
  • Uses low-profile, titanium screws
  • Compatible with neuromed hand drill
  • Packaged together as one kit
  • Cranioplasty
  • Maxiofacial defects
  • Craniofacial reconstruction
  • Skull reconstruction

// Video

// Product
Cuttable and easy to contour makes neuromesh™ a perfect solution for the reconstruction of cranial defects. Easily adaptable to contour to the anatomical curvature of craniums all varying shapes and sizes and uses low-profile titanium screws for fixation.

// Education
The use of neuromesh™ is incorporated into our two and three day advanced neurology courses where the subject of craniotomies, approaches and skull reconstruction are covered. As well as theoretical learning, the use of neuromesh™ is used in the cadaver programme.

// User Cases
Highlighting the cases of these products in real-life situations is vital to demonstrating their success. Below are case studies of long-term follow up surgeries.