Precision electric power system for spinal & orthopaedic surgery

// Overview
State-of-the-art electric power systems with a wide range of applications for spine and orthopaedic surgery

We understand the precision required when carrying out neurological surgery, but also the importance of power and comfort at the same time. Bringing all of this together in one multi-functional unit that offers a variety of handpieces, charcterises not only the understanding we have of the industry but also the solutions we contribute

Features & Benefits
  • High speed of up to 80,000rpm
  • Pedal foot switch for accurate speed and application
  • Separate light-weight handpiece to facilitate a wide range of attachments
  • For the use of burrs and saws
  • Straight burr
  • Cranial milling burr
  • Oscillating saw
  • Reciprocating saw

// Product
Supporting you with complex, highly specialized procedures, you need powered instruments and accessories that you can rely and depend upon. Ergonomic, powerful, reliable and cost-effective, this range of power consoles and handpieces are tools you can trust.

// Education
We understand the importance of high-quality tools to be used during our education programmes. We don’t use anything in these classes that we wouldn’t endorse or put our name towards. This applies to power tools whether console, hand or air driven.