Spacers designed specifically to stabilise the cervical spine

// Overview
neuromed titanium foam vertebral spacers add additional stability between affected vertebrae

These titanium spacer foam discs are available in various sizes and thicknesses and are shaped to fit endplates.

The size of these spacers can be broad therefore contact the periphery of the endplates which lessens the chance of subsidence.

Features & Benefits
  • Works like cortical bone graft but fits closer to the shape of the cervical disc
  • Made of clinically proven medical grade pure titanium to promote spinal fusion
  • Spacer does not crack under compression
  • Titanium foam surface creates more frication to reduce 'slippage' of spacer
  • Available in a range of dimensions and thicknesses to ensure best fit dependent on breed size
  • An easy-to-use tamping device can be used for placement
  • Ventral cervical distraction and stabilisation procedures

// Product
Made of porous material and promotes bone-growth, these unique pure Titanium foam spacers use a material exclusive to neuromed and are relatively easy to implant using a spacer impactor.

// Education
Titanium spacers are incorporated into our two and three day advanced neurology courses where the subject of ventriculoperitoneal shunts are covered. As well as theoretical learning, the use of the spacers are integrated into the cervical spondylomyelopathy cadaver programme.

// User Cases
Highlighting the cases of these products in real-life situations is vital to demonstrating their success. Below are cases studies of long-term follow up surgeries.